Q: Do you set up the bar and connect the beer?

A: Yes we do, one of our team will deliver the bar and connect the keg setting everything up for you ready to serve the beer!

Q: What do we do if there is a problem with the bar or beer?

A: Call one of the team on the phone number on the right hand corner the of the bar top.

Q: Do you hire glasses?

A: No we don’t offer glassware.

Q: How big are the bars?

A: The bar sizes are: Width 800mm, Depth 940mm, Height 1250mm, Height including tap 1900mm.

Q: How may pints are in a keg?

A: This depends on the product! Most kegs are 11 gallons (88 pints) This is shown on the product description on the website.

Q: Can the bars be used outside?

A: Yes they can be used both outdoors and indoors.

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